Our Lady of Light Monastery
Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters
Denver, Colorado

Through work we are united to our brothers and sisters, as we collaborate with them in perfecting the divine creation and the retentive work of Christ, who gave work a sublime dignity by working with his own hands in Nazareth.


Our order of Capuchin Poor Clares professes the rule of Saint Clare, according to the spirit and ideals of the reform of the Capuchins.


The rule springs from the Gospel and leads us to gospel living. Encourage us to live in simplicity, humility, holy poverty and holy unity.




Faithful to the primitive spirit of the reform of Capuchins we bind ourselves, above all, to contemplate and praise God fervently in silence and solitude; unite ourselves to Christ crucified through love and the spirit of abandonment; cultivate simplicity and spontaneity in our fraternal relations.


In virtue of our special vocation we have been called so that, abandoned totally to God in solitude and silence, in fervent prayer and generous penance, we dedicate our spirit and our life to God in a special way.

The sacred Liturgy, the continuation of the priestly mission of Christ, the summit of all the activity of the church and its source of life and strength, constitutes the primary element of our contemplative life, so that our entire existence is a sacrifice offered to God, is a continuous worship of God in Charity.


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