Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters
Denver, Colorado
Our Lady of Light Monastery

Do you seek moments of profound prayer, silence, and solitude? Do you have an ardent desire in your heart to give yourself completely to God? You may have a religious vocation. In effect, God may be calling you to the consecrated life with the Capuchin Poor Clares.




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Monastery of Our Lady of Light

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Si deseas participar en los retiros vocacionales que hacemos en nuestro monasterio llamanos al: 303-458-6339

   What a great laudable exchange:

    to leave the things of time for those of eternity,

    to choose the things of heaven for the goods of earth,

    to receive the hundred-fold in place of one,

    and to possess a blessed and eternal life.

(Saint Clare)


Capuchin Sisters of Denver- Vocations

“You have rejected all these things and have chosen with Your whole heart and soul a life of holy poverty and destitution. Thus You took a spouse of a more noble lineage, Who will keep Your virginity ever unspotted and unsullied, the Lord Jesus Christ:When You have loved [Him], You shall be chaste; when You have touched [Him], You shall become pure; when You have accepted [Him], You shall be a virgin.

    Whose power is stronger, Whose generosity is more abundant,

    Whose appearance more beautiful, Whose love more tender,

    Whose courtesy more gracious.

    In Whose embrace You are already caught up;

    Who has adorned Your breast with precious stones

    And has placed priceless pearls in Your ears

    and has surrounded You with sparkling gems  as though blossoms of springtime

    and placed on Your head a golden crown

    as a sign [to all] of Your holiness.

Therefore, most beloved sister, or should I say, Lady worthy of great respect: because You are the spouse and the mother and the sister of my Lord Jesus Christ, and have been adorned resplendently with the sign of inviolable virginity and most holy poverty: Be strengthened in the holy service which You have undertaken out of an ardent desire for the Poor Crucified.”

(Saint Clare)


We must meditate frequently before God, with grateful spirit, on the gift of a religious vocation, “among other gifts which we have received and do daily received from our benefactor, the Father of  mercies… with what eagerness  and fervor of mind and body, therefore, must we keep the commandments of our God and Father so that, with the help of the Lord, we may returned an increase of his talent ( cf Mt 25:15-23)


In virtue of our special vocation we have been called so that, abandoned totally to God in solitude and silence, in fervent prayer and generous penance, we dedicate our spirit and our life to God in a special way. Everything is centered in function of our contemplative mission which should be animated by the fraternal union in Charity.

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